ACTIMMO Sàrl is the result of an association between two real estate experts with a long experience in realestte. Both sharing the same vision of the business, their priorities are: 

- An entrepreneurial culture based on ethics and rigour
- Global knowledge today’s needs and tomorrow’s expectations
- Forming transparent relationships based upon trust
- Helping you reach your goals. 

ACTIMMO Sàrl is managed by two partners, Mister Enrico Cesaretto and Mister Bertrand Dominé. 

Together we have a network on contacts, both locally and internationally, that drive our support for your achieving your goals. We promise privileged relationship, based upon trust that we maintain, as well as with you and our partners. 

Whether it is in sales or purchase advice, in the construction project or through a property valuation, our team is at your disposal to guide and help you, take the steps to the success of your objectives and needs. 

Our service offer also includes advice on choice of the different trades as well as the selection of the notary service, to the contact with a partner manager. Our team is at your disposal to help you grasp your projects. 

Our partners have more than forty years of combined experience in the field of real estate and brokerage in particular. We are proud to present you with human touch of dynamic and competent people.

Dedicated to expatriated or foreigner customers, Actimmo offers from today advice and research into purchasing a property in Geneva and surrounding areas. Our International Mobility specialist, Sylvain Rostan has more than 10 years experience in working with clients to find their ideal home. We also work in collaboration with our partners for legal and finance support offering a service tailor made service to your situation. 

About us

Bertrand Dominé

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Enrico Cesaretto

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Sylvain Rostan

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